Who requires live-in care?

Live-in care is essentially available for any domestic care situation but there are three principal client groups: the elderly, couples and young adults.

Live-in Care for the Elderly

As people grow older and can no longer support themselves without additional help, they are faced with a difficult decision regarding the best way to obtain the care they require. Despite the long-held assumption that a residential nursing or care home is the only option for people as they approach their later years, quality live-in care is an entirely viable alternative, even for those with specialist care requirements. With comparable costs to residential care, live-in care provides independence, comfort, familiarity and security as well as the freedom to remain part of a local community.

Live-in care avoids the upheaval of moving home, the loss of freedom and independence and the potential separation from a partner or pet. Your live-in carer lives with you in your home and is on hand to provide permanent companionship and round-the clock support. As well as assisting with household chores such as making meals, cleaning, laundry, shopping your live-in carer can also help with social trips and visits, share hobbies and interests and provide personal and specialist care. Age UK offer a list of adaptions that you can make to your home to make tasks easier and your live-in carer can advise and help you make adjustments to your home to make your day-to-day living more comfortable and safer.

Live-in Care for Couples

For couples of any age, the possibility that they might be separated in order for one partner to enter residential care can cause immeasurable stress and heartache. When one partner requires more care and assistance than the other can provide, perhaps because of chronic illness or because of post-surgery infirmity, the best solution for both partners is to remain together. Horizon’s Live-in care for couples alleviates the very real fear of separation and enables elderly couples to remain together in their home whilst receiving the level of care they need.
Whether one or both partners require assistance, a live-in carer can provide a practical and cost-effective alternative to a nursing home. As well as making life easier and more familiar for both partners, a live-in carer also offers companionship and support. Live in carers are always on hand to offer freedom from the burden of everyday tasks, help with domestic chores or to provide personal or specialist care, enabling couples to maintain a level of independence and share a better quality of life together.

Live-in Care for Young Adults

Live-in home care can also provide flexible assistance and support for young adults with ongoing care needs as well as providing peace of mind and emotional support for the family and friends of the young adult. Our knowledge and experience enables us to provide exceptional care to younger adults with dementia, MS, impaired mobility and long-term conditions which may require specialist nursing care. Live-in care for young adults offers notable benefits over residential care, despite the costs of the two being comparable. In addition to providing care that is tailored to the needs of the individual, a live-in carer can offer companionship and help with social trips and activities, as well as assisting with everyday domestic tasks such as room tidying, meal preparation and laundry. Being cared for in their own home can offer a young adult the flexibility to continue with academic studies or to gain full- or part-time employment.