Specialist nursing care.

Separation from your home, your family, friends and simple home comforts can add a significant challenge to coping with a chronic condition. Our specialist live-in nurses provide caring, compassionate, competent care, available 24/7 for a more independent and attentive alternative to hospital or nursing home care. Horizon Live-in Care nurses are highly experienced in caring for people with a wide range of conditions that need frequent or continuous support: dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke rehabilitation, cancer and palliative care.

Nurse-led care combines both dedicated medical care alongside mandatory care services; this is cost-effective as it requires only a single carer as well as as an increased level of continuity and well-being. All specialist Horizon Live-in Carers complete a comprehensive training programme and, in addition to taking on clinical tasks, also offer social care, companionship and support with activities, communication and household duties.

In addition, our specialist carers can advise on and work collaboratively with our support team and local authorities to facilitate adaptations to the home environment to make daily living at home safer and easier for the person. This type of facilitation can remove pressures from the family and support the person giving them choice and control.