Our history & values.

Our History

Horizon Home Care was founded in 2007 by Kareen Rickman to provide high quality homeware services in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. The region has a higher percentage of over 65s than the rest of the UK, with many people opting to retire to the south coast for its generally warmer weather and quality of life. Existing home care services in the region at that time were often found wanting and so Horizon saw the opportunity to raise standards of care and to offer a high quality service.

By building the business carefully and considerately, never over-stretching and at all times having ‘Care at our Core’, Horizon has today become one of the leading private home care companies in the South. Originally offering hourly and nightly care, fully managed live-in care services were offered five years ago and are now integral to Horizon’s Homecare’s growth, with the Horizon Live-in Care division becoming formalised in 2015.

Our values

All of the staff at Horizon Live-in Care hold the ‘Care at our Core’ maxim very firmly at the forefront of their working lives by placing client care, wellbeing, dignity and quality of life above all else. By respecting the needs of the clients and empathising with their day-to-day and long term needs, their wellbeing can be continually prioritised at every level. Coupled with the expertise and professionalism of all the staff, the Horizon Live-in Care team supports and trusts each other to deliver the highest quality care for those that need it most.

Kareen Rickman, managing director, Horizon Live-in Care
Kareen Rickman, managing director, Horizon Live-in Care